The Best Dog Barking Silencers

A dog silencer is among the best tools out there that can be effective solutions for neighbors as well as owners. These emit inaudible ultrasonic frequencies to deter dogs from barking. There are various models available on the market, including handheld, indoor and outdoor variants. These are painless and safe ways to prevent dogs from barking unnecessarily. Find out about some of the best dog barking silencers in the market.

Doggie Don’t – Handheld Dog Silencer

This is a useful piece of equipment that ensures better ease of use, and is highly effective. You have to press its button manually in order to emit a proper frequency. It is handheld and cannot be expected to work automatically when you are not at home. But it is portable and can be very assistive when you are out with your dog for a walk. It is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and its range can cover almost all properties. You may use it from any area of your home while being seated. But it comes with a higher price tag.

DOPA Mini Bark Control Device

If you need something more affordable, this is it. It ensures hands-free operations and can let you experiment easily at correcting the behavior of your dog. The controller is made of thick plastic and when hung outside it can easily sustain the elements. It can work at a range of up to 50 feet that can be short by a few standards. You can mount it easily on any vertical or wall surface. It is durable in form. It operates on 9V batteries that have to be purchased separately.

BossBee Ultrasonic Barking Deterrent

It is long-lasting, and is handheld in form which ensures portable operations. It draws power from 4 AAA batteries. The controller works better for even dogs that suffer from impaired hearing. But the effective range is for just 15 feet.

First Alert Bark Genie

This is another handheld unit that can work up to a distance of 15 feet, and has an LED indicator to inform owners whether or not the device is working. It is versatile, and the LED is very handy as it helps in testing the functionality given that its sound cannot be heard by humans. This is a useful model but has to be used along with basic concepts of training. Otherwise, there can be a return for your dog to old barking days.