What is the Best Dry Kitten Food?

Dry kitten food is used most commonly along with wet foods. It is important to choose dry foods that are well-balance and can provide your kitten with proper nutrition, based on a solid foundation of fat and protein. Carbohydrates are not actually bad for kittens, but are not a necessary ingredient in the diet of a cat. Find out about some of the best dry kitten foods.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original

These are food items tailored to the requirements of growing kitten. There is enough wonderful protein to ensure that your pet gets the energy that it needs for growth and for playing. It has natural DHA that helps in the development of the eye and the brain. It has superior oils and animal products as well as wholesome ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. Your kitten can get cage-free chicken, which is the top ingredient here.

BLUE Wilderness High Protein

The brand itself is known to produce superior pet foods and the same holds true for this dry food as well. It has sweet potatoes – that supplies complex carbohydrates, and de-boned chicken – which supplies protein to the body. The food also has the essential amino acid called Taurine, which helps develop the eyes and the heart. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and more. It does not have corn, soy, wheat etc, and cats can enjoy as natural a diet as possible.

IAMS Proactive Health Kitten

It is a more affordable dry kitten food, and is rich in protein. It has a protein-rich formula, and also comprises of Omega-3 DHA that helps in brain development for kittens. Chicken is the first ingredient in this food, and it also contains Vitamin E, essential amino acids and carbohydrates that can satisfy the various nutritional needs of kittens. It has surpassed the standards of the USDA as well as the FDA.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Kitten

This is the top brand that vets recommend, and the food has natural DHA that is essential for the development of eyes and brain. The vitamins and antioxidants are proven clinically, which ensure healthier immune system for children. As kittens are more vulnerable to ailments during the first year of their lives, additional protection is needed. This food has high-quality protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, and no coloring, preservatives or artificial flavors. Kittens can digest this food very easily, and have their fill quite well.